Sunday, 18 June 2017

It's all getting there.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

It is HOT! Damned hot! So hot, I have to keep wiping my hands while I sculpt to prevent the sweat on my hands making the putty too slippery to work with. It is absolutely wonderful having such glorious weather though... Cornwall is a magnificently beautiful place; when the sun shines.

So... sculpting. This week, I have finished the fifth Halfling sniper:

Click the Pic!

That means that I now have five finished and am in the process of deciding whether to get the first five cast up or waiting for the next five to be finished, before I get all ten cast up... Decisions, decisions... 

... in the meantime, I have started on the next 'Halfling' sniper... but he seems to have been hitting the growth hormones a bit:

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It's all very well having a band of snipers but when the enemy turns up with a Dreadnought, it's difficult to take it down so there is a need for an anti-material weapon... step forward an Ogryn with a lascannon! As you can see, it is early days yet but the pictured dolly will be getting a lengthened lascannon with all the top-spec targeting equipment and a hat. Let's face it... you can't get ahead without a hat. 

The dolly started out as some 1mm brass wire, twisted together to form the frame, then a coat of Milliput was added (it is cheaper and more solid than Green Stuff) to bulk it up. Finally, Green Stuff is being used to complete the sculpt (with a few bits of rod). I haven't decided how camouflaged he is going to be but he won't be getting a full Gillie suit... and the leaves will be more 'tree like' than 'plant like'... Maybe I'll camouflage his head and torso in leaves and give him thick banded corduroy trousers to wear so he can be painted to resemble a tree! Who knows? 

In other news, the spare room is nearly kitted out. The furniture arrived on Friday so it currently looks like this:

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Only the bed to go (to be delivered on Tuesday) and we will be ready for guests. That said, we will be having one guest for a few months because my daughter is relocating to Cornwall and will be shacking up with us for a short while until she is able to make other arrangements.

Turning my gaze elsewhere, I have been working on another little project... Operation Cat Hotel! 

Since we moved here, we have noticed a compost bin at the bottom of the garden: 

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It was filled with un-composted material so I decided to empty it and put it to good use. After a quick brush-up, I drilled a few holes and threaded some rope across:

Click the Pic!

I then added some leatherette fabric to act as a hammock:

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I also put a reinforcing wooden batten across the front (which you can't see) so that the rope wouldn't droop at the front. I still have a lot to do (tidy the fabric up, possibly put some windows in and paint the outside) but it already acts as a shelter for the cats when it rains and they have been into the hotel for shade (although I haven't seen them use the hammock yet).

Well... that's about it for now. This coming week will be about a new bed, liaising with a friend of mine about getting the bathroom renovations started and sculpting an Ogryn with a lascannon... not to mention, the imminent arrival of some Primaris Space Marines. 

It should be an interesting week.

See you from the dais of change!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Times are a changin'

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has been a house week; mostly geared towards getting the spare bedroom to a liveable standard (we have a guest arriving in a month or so). As a result, it had to be emptied, the curtain rail needed to be replaced and furniture needed to be sourced.

That meant putting a lot of my hobby stuff in the loft/attic, sorting through other boxes and getting rid of stuff, removing the existing curtain pole, repairing the wall, fitting a reinforcing beam, fitting the curtain pole and ordering a bed and bedroom furniture.

Well... it's all done apart from the furniture; which has been ordered and will be here in a couple of weeks.

I have also been doing the usual chores so I haven't really had much time for the hobby. However, I have continued to tick along with the prone Halfling sniper and he is nearly finished so I will, at least, have something to show off next weekend.

Seeing as I haven't got anything current to show off today, here's something from my back catalogue:

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This is the leader of my trenchcoat gangers. He is a converted Ogre from Heresy Miniatures (Nakka - sadly, not in the store at the moment) and started out as a fantasy miniature. This is what he looked like, before paint:

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As you can see, it was just a case of replacing his fantasy weapon with a gun and then sculpting a coat and glasses. The gun is a standard Ork one from Games Workshop. 

As it stands he is the only ganger that is painted. I do, however, have the rest of the Heresy gangers stored away, ready for paint but it seems they are destined to stay there for a while due to my sculpting muse being the dominant one in my life at the moment. Maybe one day soon...

See you from the lead-pile!

Monday, 5 June 2017

It's all gone a bit wobbly.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

As you may have noticed, it has been very quiet on here for a couple of weeks. That is because, quite frankly, I didn't have anything to write about and have been travelling a bit.

The weekend before last, Me and my missus travelled back to Oxfordshire for a long weekend with our daughter and also met up with our son while we were there. It was a very pleasant weekend but was accompanied by the usual mix of limited sleep and lots of driving so it was a mixed blessing. It was lovely to see our brood again so it was well worth the trip... even though my cat, Sam, was traumatised by his stay at the cattery (they were very nice there but he was not happy). Gratuitous Sam picture:

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After the trip, I managed to find some time to start work in the spare bedroom which consisted of removing a curtain pole, extracting the remains of far too many raw plugs from the wall, filling holes and then being too tired for ladder work so I still need to sand down, fit the reinforcing woodwork and then attach the curtain pole. I need to have the room cleared and prepared because we will be having a guest staying with us for a while soon. Luckily, the afternoon was a lovely sunny one so I spent it re-staining the shed. I still have to do a second coat but weather has stopped play on that. Apart from the usual chores, that is about it on the house front... apart from being in the process of arranging for the bathroom to be replaced.

On the hobby front, I have done practically nothing for two weeks. All I have really done is start painting the Demiurg (which only have the fabric roughly base-coated) and finish the fourth (kneeling) Halfling Sniper. Here's where the snipers are, at the moment:

Click the Pic!

The picture represents the culmination of a bit of 'back and forth' on a forum about them 'being all the same'. I hope that it is clear that they are not the same.

So... I popped into Truro on Saturday and happened to walk into the Warhammer store. They happened to have an open box of the new version of WH40k and I happened to look inside it and happened to really like the Primaris Marines. The Nurgel miniatures were also very well made and detailed but... Nurgle doesn't work for me so I had a bit of a conundrum. I don't game, don't like Nurgle and don't have a huge amount of space... so instead of pre-ordering the game, I have pre-ordered some of the marines on EBay. These ones, specifically:

Click the Pix!

I reckon that these will make a nice little patrol and will likely get painted in proper military colours with a bit of camouflage. I will need to think properly about how I go about painting them because they are single-pose miniatures with some voids that will be difficult to reach if they are fully assembled, prior to painting... so it could be tricky (as I found out when I started painting my Demiurg... WHY did I fully assemble them... WHY!?).

Well... that's about it for now. Hopefully, the blog posts will get back to normal this Sunday.

See you from stasis!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Fit to drop.

Hello and welcome to Inso's world on a lovely, sunny, Sunday afternoon.

This week has been fairly eventful. I have started running and exercising again, after a 14 month hiatus. I have managed just over 13 miles and a hundred press-ups/sit-ups... which isn't a huge amount but it is a start... and it was also a bit of a struggle after such a long absence of fitness activity. I am getting fit again so that I can undertake my next charity challenge; a 25 (ish) mile run from Helston to Land's End. I am hoping to do the run near Christmas... but until I start getting a few miles under my belt, I can't set an exact date yet. Here's the link if you wish to add your support:

In other news, my niece (who lives nearby) was visited by some family members this week so I got to catch up with my sister, brother-in-law, my oldest niece and her lovely little lad; who I hadn't met before. It was great to see them and meet the baby for the first time.

Sculpting-wise, I have finished off the first trio of Demiurg:

Click the Pic!

From the left: Controller, Leader and Technician. I posted this picture on a few forums and got a couple of responses saying that the leader's crest looked a little odd... and I agreed... so I made a few adjustments:

Click the Pic!

I was much happier with how it looked so I embarked on the painting journey... however, I only managed to get as far as priming before I had a muse-failure so I stopped and continued preparing the next three:

Click the Pic!

As you can see from the picture, I haven't got very far with the next three Demiurg but it is a start. The picture also shows my kneeling, Halfling sniper in the background. In between Demiurg sculpting, I have been ticking along with the sniper and have got pretty far. It's just his head and rifle to finish now... and then I'll get on with number five.

I may have mentioned that, in order to finish the Demiurg, I needed to get hold of enough 'sky pikes' for the Controllers. Well, this week (through Facebook) I have managed to arrange plenty of them... with seven having arrived already and a further two on the way. Than means I have enough for a total of ten controllers (if I need them) so I have options available to me now.

Well... that about covers things for now. Next week's blog post will be a little late because I have a very busy weekend. I expect the post to be late Monday or early Tuesday so watch this space.

See you from the mole-hole!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sunday BLAMMO!

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

It has been a good week where I have enjoyed the social scene, had a bit of luck, reached my charity target and got some hobby stuff done... so let's start at the beginning...

I have had a little bit of a boozy week, with a live band on Thursday (after visiting my Father and Mother in-law), pub night on Friday and Eurovision on Saturday (again, at the pub). I was in the pub again today but not drinking... I got a message that I had won a lottery draw so we left the beach and popped to the pub to collect my winnings. I had won £30 straight out but had to 'pick the ace' in order to get the rollover... and I did! As a result, I ended up with over £100, everyone got a drink and I was also able to top my charity total up to the target... and I still had pennies to spare. Bargain!

Speaking of my charity target, please feel free to donate here:

Still on being a bit boozy, I was also the benefactor of a half keg of local ale, kindly donated by my local pub; the Rodney Inn. It was left over from the little ale festival and would have gone to waste so THANKS!

Hobby wise, I have stalled a little bit on the snipers (even though I have made a small amount of progress on the kneeling one) but have managed to finish a couple of Demiurg:

Click the Pic!

They are made up of Kharadron Overlord Arkanauts, Anvil Industries Pack, and pistols and sculpted heads. I have a third one on the table at the moment but he isn't nearly advanced enough to be shown off just yet so that will have to be a next week show-and-tell. 

At some point I will put together a bit more information on the project.

Well... short but sweet, this week.

See you from the end of the rainbow!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Second Post Sunday.

So this time around, I am purely posting about my recent little charity head shave. As I have mentioned, I have been raising money for Marie Curie and here is my just giving link:

I have raised £400 over the last two weeks and am really happy with the donations I have received. I still have a small amount of money to come in so I can't post an absolute final amount but I think £400 is pretty good.

Obviously, I would like to thank everyone who donated and would also like to share some images. If you are overcome by the need to donate, there is still plenty of time... but in the meantime, here are a few pix:

Click the Pix!

As you can see, a lot of people got involved and the end result is testament to their efforts.

The next charity fundraiser will be a run from Helston to Lands End but I will need to get some training in before I can set a date.

Life can be interesting sometimes!

See you from the barber's chair!

First post Sunday

This week has been so full of stuff that I will be putting together two posts for it all. This first post will be all about Flora Day and hobby stuff.

So... every year in my new home town of Helston, in Cornwall (UK) they have a special day where everything stops to focus on dancing. The roads are closed, the shops are open really early (as are the pubs), market stalls are set up and the streets are decorated with spring flowers... bluebells, daisies, gorse, Lilly of the Valley etc.

The dance is the Flora Dance and it consists of a long line of dancers that parade through the town with bands accompanying them. The dance itself isn't difficult but when you are doing it solidly for an hour, as you wind around the hilly streets in procession (not to mention dancing THROUGH certain houses!), it gets very tiring.

The day has a number of dances. The first is at 07.00 hrs and that is followed by the Hal an Tow (a small play to see out winter and see in the summer). Then the children dance at 10.00hrs. The midday dance is for (very selected) local born people and finally the 07.00 hrs dancers come back for the last dance at 17:00 hrs.

It is a wonderful day... the community gathers together with the visitors and the town is packed. Here's a glimpse of some of the dancing:

All in all, it is a great day out.

So... hobby stuff is next. First of all, I have finished the third Halfling sniper and have a fourth one on the cork (a kneeling pose):

Click the Pic!

In the picture are two unrelated items; a Chaos Dwarf head WIP (practice sculpt) and a hollowed out helmet that will be used to make new heads for something separate.

In other news, I have decided to turn the recent Kharadron Overlord purchase into some Demiurg troops. I will be basing them on the sketch that was circulating a while ago and will effectively be updating my old version (shown here):

Click the Pic!

The plan is to have an individual (or pair) of Demiurg in charge of a squad of drones. That way, I can keep the Demiurg miniatures to a minimum  whilst finding interesting drones to equip them with (maybe, even drones that I build myself). I will just use the box of Kharadron that I bought and will maybe get a box of thunderers to act as the command unit. I am planning to replace the helmets with sculpted heads, replace the weapons with something a little more sci-fi and remove the bits and pieces that give them a steampunk style. All this is a future thing but while I am sculpting other things, I will be thinking about what will happen... it should be an interesting diversion at some point.

That's it for now. I will be posting again later today with additional news.

See you from the conga line!