Sunday, 23 October 2016

Winter is coming.

Good morning and welcome to a lovely sunny day in Inso's World.

What... a... week...

This week my wife and I have been travelling. We went to Cornwall on Monday and had a few bits and bobs to sort out on Tuesday before picking up the keys to our new house. It had been a bit of a pain getting to that point (bloody solicitors) but we finally had the keys so we emptied out what rubbish was in the place, put up new curtains and light shades and changed the locks so that we were the only ones with keys.

Here is the view from our 'soon to be' bedroom:

Click the Pic!

Then, I think everything hit us and we didn't really know what to do!

... but we were in Cornwall so we enjoyed the beach and nightlife while we thought about the enormity of everything and put a few ideas down on paper.

We travelled back on Friday after a whirlwind of a week and then it seemed like we weren't home... because we had left our home locked up and empty in Cornwall.

So... big times ahead and that means that this little blog may have to take a short break in order for me to get on with all of the moving preparations. We are aiming to move in a couple of weeks so I have a lot to get done in a short time...

... but in the meantime, I haven't forgotten my hobby and have managed to get a small character finished:

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He is (effectively) the leader of all the Hearthguard (space marine scout) units in the army and will count as Sgt Telion. He still needs a camo cloak but I am tempted to give him 'optical camouflage' rather than an actual cloak... so it may just be a fully camouflaged paint scheme... I haven't decided yet.

So to recap, I have sculpted two pairs of legs for the Mantic torsos. I have now cast six of the second pair; five are standard troops and one is Sgt Telion. I have also cast five of the first pair of legs and now have the sixth pair being cast as we speak and that will make the second member of Telion's squad. Once that is done, I need to finish sculpting a further three pairs of legs and make six casts from each so that five of each will make a unit and the sixth will become part of Telion's squad. Simple.

Well... what else can I say. 

The times, they are a changin' .

I'll see you when I see you next!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A rainy Sunday Morning.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

I'm not going to moan about sleep this week... I'll just cut to the chase... This week has mostly been about finalising a house purchase. We have finally got all of our money transferred and have had a lot of last minute stress due to the solicitors being somewhat reluctant to put any drive into our home purchase. That said, everything is in place to collect the keys this coming week... so that is extremely BIG news for us.

When there is stress all around, what better way to escape than to hide away in the hobby world for a while? Well that is exactly what I did and as a result I have managed to get the production line in gear for some press moulding, filling, assembly and a little bit of sculpting in order to finish the second batch of Hearthguard/Scouts for my Squat army. Here are the newly finished Hearthguard with their previous allies primed in the background:

Click the Pic!

The way I am going about these is as follows:
  • I need 6 Squads of 5 (which I have already purchased).
  • That means I need 5 different leg sculpts in order for each squad to have all different poses.
  • Each leg pose will need 6 casts (one for each squad).
  • If I build each batch as a squad (with one cast put to the side), when all the leg casts are done, I can swap the troops about to make sure all the legs in a squad are different.
  • The squad made with the additional legs that don't fit with each 'squad' of batched legs, will end up being formed into a Squad with Camo-cloaks, sniper rifles and a Squat version of Sgt Telion as the leader.
  • I am likely to have 3 missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters and in addition to the 2 Sgts with hammers, I will also have 3 with standard bolters (I will be putting bolters with missile launchers and hammers with heavy bolters).
  • The camo-cloaks may well be a paint scheme for digital camo rather than having actual cloaks.
So... now I have completed a batch for two leg sculpts and have the third leg sculpt on the corks, ready for more work. I still need to press mould one more pair of legs from each of the sculpts I have already done but I can do that slow time now (better to put my effort into sculpting the legs). I really like the way these are turning out and I am completely in love with the Mantic Steel Warrior plastics as they are perfect for my army needs (once they are suitably reduced in height). It would have been so nice if they had been the right height in the first place... but they aren't designed to be Squats, they are designed to be Forge Fathers.

This coming week is one of excitement and travels so I doubt very much if there will be any hobby news to share next Sunday... however, there will hopefully be some happy news about our new home!

See you from behind the lens!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Time is drawing on...

Another Sunday and another post.

This week has been a no hobby week.

It has consisted of work and insomnia fuelled zombification.

Yesterday, I put away my female veterans (who had sat there doing nothing for a week) and decided to start sculpting a second pair of legs for my Mantic Forge Father Steel Warriors (AKA my Squat scouts)... this prompted me to order another squad of them from Mantic (this also helps me to feel obligated to finish the next legs so they can be press-moulded for another five scouts).

The end plan is to have 6 squads of 5 Squat scouts (which I will have when my latest miniatures arrive). Each of the squads will have 5 different pairs of legs (so I have 4 more to sculpt... including the one that is WIP at the moment) so each pair I make, needs to be press-moulded 6 times.

Here's a reminder of the first legs and the five casts that I made:

Click the Pic!

Now, the observant amongst you will realise that I should have made six leg-casts instead of just five and also that this isn't a squad but is one member from each of five squads. HOWEVER, if I put together little groups like this then I will have complete units even while I work towards the end goal (splitting them all up and having different 5 different style legs in each squad).

While I am sculpting, I am also press moulding more holstered pistols for the units so it is a proper production line (or will be when the next legs are ready for moulding).

In other news, I was priviledged to receive my kitten's very first present today. Yes, he isn't even six moths old and he brought me a bird. This would have been great if he hadn't brought it into the house and let it go so that it flew under the sofa. I managed to get the bird outside and it flew off... but not long after, it was dead on the paitio with a rather thrilled Sam throwing it around. We have a little hunter alright!

I am currently in the process of a bit of decorating and I am putting up some wall paper. I have discovered that this is a horrible job and once it is done, I will plan never to do it again.

That's it for today.

See you from the bottom of the paste bucket!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The road goes ever onwards.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World on this wonderfully sunny Sunday afternoon.

This week has been one of time off work to aid moving preparateions, including a bit of decorating and lots of paperwork. It also saw the arrival of the contract for our new home so it has been a week of many things... not to mention, it was the 28th anniversary of me signing on the dotted line for Queen and Country.

Add to that, the de-testiculation of my little kitty Sam and you would be right in thinking that not a lot of hobby stuff got done. Speaking of Sam:


This little video is Sam having just returned from the vets. As you can see, he has certainly got bigger since his arrival. He didn't seem too bothered about his little operation but he has been a bit dopey today so I think it is all catching up with him a bit.

In other news, I have been packing a lot of stuff away and have decided that the only stuff I am going to leave out for now, is my sculpting stuff and Squat army (so that I have something to tinker with). That means I have now packed up all of my armies, my paints and am in the process of packing up all of my other hobby stuff. Fortunately, I am packing things where they fit rather than in an organised fashion so when it all gets to the other end, I will have to sort everything out... which will force me to thin down again, I reckon.

So... what have I done (hobbywise) this week? Apart from packing, I have been sculpting the final details on my five remaining Tyranid Hunter Squats. I have finished two, have nearly finished a third and only have the faces to go on the last two. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show off so here are the five that have already been finished to remiind you of what the unit looks like:

Click the Pic!

The five that I am working on are just the basic riflemen so when they are done, I'll show the unit off as a whole.

Other things that have occupied my mind are Genestealer Cults. The stuff that GW is puttying out for the cults is really cool... especially the Goliath trucks. Well worth a look.

I have also been thinking about Transport options for my Squats and that just means that all of the plans I have for transport are up in the air because I am really not sure what to do... however, I have been looking at tank hulls and I reckon that either the German Panther hull or the M18 Hellcat hull would make rather nice starting points for an armoured personnel carrier. I have also been thinking about land trains, super heavy transports like the Stormlord and what the Squats might use as heavy support.

Grymn aircraft have also been on my mind and I hope that, one day, I can finally come up with something that I am happy with. I really would like to have a Grymn fighter wing and in order to do that, I need to have aircraft.

So there we have it. Lots about nothing!

See you from the front step!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

What's wrong with Orks?

Hello again... it's Sunday so here's another post.

I have had a long standing issue with Orks. Not only are they completely disorganised, they have no uniformity, use ramshackle equipment that 'just works' as if by magic and they are completely beyond any form of rational control... so completely against everything else I collect.

Then of course, there are the miniatures.

Now the miniatures from GW are full of character but there is a real problem with one part of their anatomy... their butts. Now, it's not just their butts, it's how they attach to the spine. I reckon that the entire race could be wiped out just by throwing a ball above them and asking them to catch it... the sounds of spines snapping would be heard for miles around.

So... how do you deal with such an obvious flaw? You fill in the gap... here's what I mean:

Click the Pic!

As is usually the case, I got the Green Stuff out and made the flaw go away. As a result, I decided to try it on a few other Orks I had in boxes and this is what I have come up with so far:

Click the Pic!

I reckon I still need to add a few bits and bobs but they have all had the back treatment and look better as a result. I have a few more that are on sprues or in storage boxes so there are likely to be a few more... but not many.

You may also have noticed the boss in the middle and his lack of green skin. That's because I don't like the whole green-skin thing. I don't enjoy painting it so I have decided to take a more human approach to skin tones. 

I haven't built these with any goal in mind, they are just something to keep me entertained while I am not sleeping very well... if I mess them up, they aren't part of a big project so I don't have to worry about them. It is also means that I can get on with something while I am in the throes of getting the moving prep done... which is helping to keep me marginally sane.

So... there you have it.

See you from the line!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

It's Grymn out there.

Hello again.

This week has been a a complete write off due to a complete lack of sleep so there won't be any hobby content today because there hasn't been any hobby going on at home for me.

So... when I am tired I plonk down at the computer and browse the interweb and this week a few Hasslefree related things happened.

First, is the Kickstarter.

Lots of fantasy stuff and different versions of a number of miniatures which basically equates to nude, glamour and toasty warm. Not my genre and not my taste but I thought I'd share anyway.

The thing is that, in a conversation on Facebook, it would appear that Kev has decided that he needed a 'pallette cleanser' to work on during the Kickstarter so will be trying to get these Grymn finished (or some very much like them):

Click the Pic!

Add to this news that he also mentioned that he was thinking of replacing all of the existing Grymn armour with something similar it could be the start of something great...

... assuming Kev can keep the momentum going on this idea. Only time will tell (you all know the fickle nature of muses... I've told you about it enough).

He also mentioned that he may have a way of getting the alternative Walker arms sorted out and put into production (they will have hands and weapons rather than just weapons); which will be great news for my Walker platoon that has been sat, unassembled in a box for a few years waiting for these new arms to appear.

So what better way to fire up my enthusiasm for the little chaps again? I have so many Grymn projects on the go that I could be here all day posting pictures so instead, heres just a few of the bare metal miniatures I have (mostly allocated to my New Model Army):

Click the Pix!

Unfortunately, with things being so up in the air at the moment, I can't really start too much because of the imminent move... but I can let my mind wander and see what it comes up with.

That's about it for now.

See you from the Grymn homeworlds!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Travels and reflection.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World.

Today is the 11th September and it immediately makes me think of what happened in the US fifteen years ago; namely the terrorist attack on the twin towers, the pentagon and what followed.

At the time, I was away from home; staying in a hotel whilst I was travelling to and from a Merlin Helicopter course. During the day, details were sketchy and we had no real idea of the severity of what had happened. When we returned to the hotel in the evening of the 11th, there was a sombre atmosphere and the screens behind the bar were showing the events of the day. The first Images I saw were of the second tower coming down, followed by replays of the pair of them falling.

I was immediately struck silent before the barmaid said to me how terrible it was. My response was "we're going to war".

The events of that tragic day began a chain that has ended up where we are today in 'the war on terror'.

The cost of what happened on that day goes so much further than the lives lost in the towers, the surrounding streets, the Pentagon and in a field on the way, when passengers bravely brought down their own aircraft. It goes further than the emergency crews that lost their lives. It goes further than the trauma that lives in those people as a result of what happened in those dark hours and the aftermath.

It is an event that should be remembered as a remembrance for those who died, those who have been traumatised as a result and the fact that from that one single act, the world changed.


Today, I read a small Facebook post from a woman who has cancer. I have been following her little posts for a long time and I think that it is very likely that the post I read, was likely to be one of her very last.

To read that she has been admitted to the hospice for the last time, had signed off her DNR (do not resucitate) form and had found time to write an emotional post reflecting on her young children, family and followers was as humbling as it was upsetting.

I wish her safe travels and my thoughts are with her and her family.


This week has been one of travels and education as well as not getting much sleep. I was having to travel into London on a daily basis to attend a Charity Management Awareness course. 

It was a very interesting course which opened my eyes to a lot of aspects of charity that I hadn't really thought about... so it has definitely started my preparation for joining in with the charity sector in the new year. 

The one piece of advice I would give to anyone thinking of taking on a higher level role in a charitable concern would be to do your homework first. There is a lot of responsibility and accountability in charity that people will not necessarily be aware of.

After a week like that, you can imagine that I have been pretty much useless in the evenings so I haven't really achieved much hobby but I will share what I have got so far... it is all to do with my alien Visitors:

The army box:

Click the Pic!

It is amazing to think that in this one little box, there are a hundred troops, eight dreadnoughts and various other spare bits and pieces. In this box, there are two more waves of Visitors (each with leader, troops and dreadnoughts), scouts and special additions.

Next we have progress on the champions and some of the MDS bases:

Click the Pic!

The picture shows both converted champions with one being a bit further along in the paint department, than the other. Neither are finished and both have a long way to go. The MDS bases show two that are ready for base coating and one that is finished. 

I could have tried to repose the second of the champions but I like the crouched position and it would have been a tricky process... so I left him as he was.

That is that for today.

See you through the sands of time!